a way with pain charity donates to KGH chronic pain service

A CHARITY that helps people to deal with the problem of long term pain has supported the Chronic Pain Service at Kettering General Hospital.

David Kelly co-founder and trustee from ‘a way with pain ‘www.awaywithpain.co.uk presented the Trust with a cheque for £742 on January 19th to buy 50 TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) machines for the Chronic Pain Service in Warren Hill House.

David said: “As a charity we are now in our fifth year, we hold a number of fundraising events each year to help us support such worthy causes as this.

Events included an annual charity golf day at Overstone Park in July a curry night and our first cycle ride.

“We know how important the TENS machines can be to patients with chronic pain so we decided to buy more of them for the service.”

Chronic Pain Service Matron Lyn Johnson said: “We want to thank a way with pain very much indeed for their continued kind support.

“TENS machines are placed on the body and the electrical impulses from the machine interferes with the body’s pain signals which helps to relieve pain without the side effects that medication can have.

“Having an extra 50 machines has been a great boost for the service because we loan the machines to patients for four weeks to see if the therapy works for them.

“If it does we let them know how they can purchase a machine of their own.”

How a way with pain was formed

The a way with pain charity was set up by Mr Kelly’s daughter Julia in December 2012.

It aims to help people cope with pain by sharing their experiences – especially helping them to feel less isolated.

Julia Kelly, who had suffered many years of chronic pain following a car accident in 2005 which impacted on Her life in so many ways, She wanted to do something to support others in similar situations. Sadly Julia died on November 2, 2014, but her father has continued the charity’s work in her memory with the help of the other trustees and volunteers.

He said: “We help people in lots of different ways by raising awareness about chronic pain, one of the hardest things to get across with Chronic Pain is that it cannot be seen, and consequently is not readily understood by many. We also offer a support network and forum to sufferers and demonstrate to people this is not a path they need to walk alone.

The Charity now operates a local support group for those affected by Chronic Pain that meets on the first Thursday of each month in Kettering.

Chronic pain facts

  • Chronic Pain affects around 1 in 7 of the UK population.
  • Chronic pain leads to a poor quality of life, unemployment and premature mortality: it is a huge burden for the people affected, for the NHS and for society as a whole.
  • The charity runs a website where people affected by chronic pain can source the latest news about developments in pain management and most importantly join a forum to share experiences. The forum activity helps to overcome the sense of isolation that people can feel. The charity also intends to provide funding to enable sufferers to receive the best possible treatment for pain management where it can appropriately help.

Julia’s story in detail can be found at www.awaywithpain.co.uk

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