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Pain Clinics

I wondered if anyone would like to share their experiences from a visit to a Pain Clinic; how difficult was it to get onto a programme and how many sessions were offered. What happended after the programme was completed ? was any psychological support offered and was it of any benefit.
I feel that from my own experiences there is very little support available after the Clinic ! it is though you are left in limbo !!

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Hi. I agree with your

Hi. I agree with your comments. Many pain management courses are very general & not specifically tailored to the individual. Ive been on one that encouraged movement but gentle. Then another where we seemed to stay sitting for 90% of the time which caused flare ups. Either way once its finished you go home and you gradually go back to square one. Theres no support afterwards. X

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Wow, such thread and

Wow, such thread and discussion would be very useful for users. Unfortunately, I have no experience with visiting it. I preferred self-treatment. Although my back pain is annoying it does occur not that often. And that's why I use cbd products. Oils, tinctures, you know. I haven't tried yet cbd beer but one day I definitely will.

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