The hidden suffering of chronic pain - A booklet for Parliamentarians

The booklet "The hidden suffering of chronic pain" was launched at an event in Parliament on 18 November 2015.  Developed by the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition (CPPC), the publication aims to provide Parliamentarians with a better understanding of chronic pain: 

·         It explains in clear language what chronic pain is, its socioeconomic burden, and what NHS services are currently available to patients.

·         It describes what Parliamentarians can do in the Houses and in their local areas to improve the provision of chronic pain services, and patient access to them. 

·         It discusses the optimal configuration of chronic pain services, and its potential benefits for patients, the NHS and society as a whole. 

·         It considers workforce recruitment and education issues. 

·         It includes themes and selected content from the Royal College of General Practitioners’ publication Pain Management Services: Planning for the Future

·         It encourages Parliamentarians to engage with the CPPC and its Affiliates to develop policy solutions that benefit people living with chronic pain.

Click here to Download the booklet

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