Complementary & Alternative Therapies for Pain

Why I wrote this book... If, like me, you find that some alternative treatments can help with your pain, albeit through a placebo effect, then this book may be of interest to you. Back pain affects 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Mine started in my late Twenties, with extremely debilitating low back pain. Treatment in the first years consisted of physiotherapy and manipulation by an osteopath and chiropractor, but eventually surgery was the only option. After undergoing four major spinal operations with numerous complications which included a life-threatening episode, you begin to realise that time is a gift. Many a day I’ve felt despair, rage and profound disappointment that I could not do certain jobs. My life has changed so much over the years that I can hardly believe it. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (an incurable, painful condition which manifests itself in fatigue, insomnia, stiffness, IBS and pain throughout the body) and I realised that something had to be done when, after manically tidying up my house, I felt bereft at the lack of mess to clear up. Time was the key - how I used it and with whom I spent it became very important to me. So I decided to write this book in my quest to find an alternative/ complementary therapy that can help with my pain. Although I have tried many types of treatment, mainly for my back pain, I have not actually had every treatment listed in this book. Important If you, or anyone you know is suffering from chronic pain then there is also a Charity which runs a website 'a way with pain', - to help support others in pain. You can make a donation through the above website or purchase this book which will donate 40% of the sale to 'A Way with Pain'.

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