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Chronic pain survey

Let me introduce myself, my name is Katie Williams and I am in my final year studying Psychology. As part of the research for my final project, I am investigating experiences of group based therapy for Chronic pain and what kind of support there is for patients with this condition.
if you have had any form of group based therapy (support groups, mindfulness, pain management groups) and live in the UK and would like to share your experience it would be greatly appreciated.
the link is below and should only take 15 mins. your participation would be completely anonymous. your answers would not only be of great benefit to myself but some of the questions maybe some use to yourselves as in you maybe unaware of what support and different treatments that maybe on offer from your pain management group/Doctor surgery.
Should you need more information or help in this matter please don’t hesitate in contacting me.
Thank you once again

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Hi I'm just new here and i

Hi I'm just new here and i want to help. You know im suffering now from severe lower back pain because I'm a  housewife and i do all the chores so everytime before i go to bed i feel it and it kills me as hell.And then there's this article that i read that CBD oil can cure my back pain. And it works until now im using it. Just saying.

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